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Ron Dugas

Dana Campo

Broccoli (14ct, 18ct)

Broccoli Crowns

Celery, Naked (18ct-30ct)

Celery, Sleeved (24ct-30ct)

Celery Heart (18ct


Brussel Sprouts

Baby Spinach

Baby Arugula

Small Watercress (12ct)

Large Watercress (24ct)

Cello Arugula

Artichoke (24ct, 30ct)

David Piazza

John Michaels

Liner Lettuce

Cello Lettuce

Cauliflower (12ct)

Orange Cauliflower

Purple Cauliflower

Romaine Hearts

Iceless Scallions

Iced Scallions

4x5LB Salad

4x5LB Cole Slaw

Spanish Onion

Colossal Onion

Super Colossal Onions

Medium Red Onion

Jumbo Red Onion

25LB Jumbo White Onion

40LB Sweet Onion

Green Cauliflower

Steven Piazza

50LB Cut Carrot CA

50LB Cut Carrots

Snap Top Carrots

1LB Baby Peeled Carrot

2LB Baby Peeled Carrot

Rosebud Carrot

2LB, 3LB, 5LB, Carrots

25LB Slim Carrot

Green Cabbage

Red Cabbage

Bag Cabbage CAN

Bag Cabbage NY

Euro Cukes

15LB HH Tomatoes

Cluster Tomatoes


6oz Radish

1LB Radish

40LB Radish

Wax Turnip

Chris Rodes

Acorn Squash

Butternut Squash

Spaghetti Squash

1LB Peeled Squash

Bins Butternut

XL Green Peppers

Buttercup Squash (Kabocha)

Rutabaga Plain

Joe Gelardi

Romaine Lettuce (24ct)

Red Leaf Lettuce (24ct)

Green Leaf Lettuce (24ct)

Cilantro 30's

Cilantro 60's

Bok Choy

Green Onions

Jack Piazza

Lemon 75ct

Lemon 95ct

Lemon 115ct

Lemon 140ct

Lemon 165ct

Lemon 200ct

Orange 48ct

Orange 72ct

Orange 88ct

Orange 138ct

Orange 113ct

Orange 138ct

Lime 48ct

Lime 54ct

Lime 200ct

Blood Orange

Cara Cara Orange



Clementines 10/3LB or 5LB

33LB Clementines

Meyer Lemon



Thomas Piazza

40ct Idaho Potato

50ct Idaho Potato

60ct Idaho Potato

70ct Idaho Potato

80ct Idaho Potato

90ct Idaho Potato

100ct Idaho Potato

120ct Idaho Potato

40ct Potato

50ct Potato

60ct Potato

70ct Potato

80ct Potato

90ct Potato

100ct Potato

120ct Potato

Bag Red A Potato (#1, #2)

Bag Red B Potato (#1, #2)

Box Red A Potato

Box Red B Potato

Box Red C Potato

Yukon A, Yukon B, Yukon C Potato

Yukon Chef Potato

Sweet Potato